Paris Shooting Cartoon USA Today

The U.S. stands with Paris after the Paris Attacks, says Arizona Republic cartoonist Steve Benson.

In the wake of the deadly attacks in Paris, people around the world are sending out messages of hope and support. Cartoonists around the world responded over social media.

Some simply offered condolences, while others were more political.

1. Popa Matumula, Tanzania

2. Badiucao, China

3. Benjamin Schwartz, USA

4. Hélène Desputeaux and Michel Aubin, France

5. Osama Hajjaj, Jordan

6. Jaume Capdevila, Spain

7. Carlos Latuff, Brazil


8. Cristian Dzwonik, Argentina

The most recognizable artwork came from French graphic designer Jean Jullien, who lives in London. In an interview with CNN, Jullien said he was listening to the news over the radio, and decided to draw something in response.

"This is the first thing I drew. I can't think of anything else to say," he said.

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