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After South Korean President Moon Jae-in had spent months rekindling a relationship with North Korea, President Donald Trump on Thursday abruptly called off a June 12 summit with Kim Jong-un. The announcement — made publicly and apparently without prior notice to Moon — came just a day after Moon preened Trump with high praise at the White House.

Treasures looted by the British Army from Ethiopia in 1868 have all but escaped attention — until now, as museums and institutions increasingly wrestle with facing the past and doing what’s best for the precious artifacts under their custodianship while making them available to the public.

In a region that only receives six inches of rainfall per year, each degree of temperature increase has an extreme effect on the arid land. “You add just a little bit of a temperature increase to a place that's already on the edge, and you've made an enormous change in the living conditions there,” one expert says.

Global Security

The cancellation has eased the anxiety of foreign policy and nuclear nonproliferation experts who said that President Donald Trump had rushed headlong into a meeting unprepared. Ever since Trump accepted Kim’s invitation to meet in March, experts warned such a high-level dialogue would go south without a specific and careful diplomatic strategy.

Just weeks before he’s set to meet the North Korean leader in Singapore, President Donald Trump announced his controversial decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal on May 8. And though Trump had promised to exit the Obama-era arrangement since his campaign days in 2016, pulling the trigger so close to his face-to-face meeting with Kim could set a weary tone for nuclear negotiations — or it could turn up the pressure on both countries to reach an agreement.

Across Women's Lives

Ireland votes on abortion this week. Ciara O’Connor Walsh, who's a supporter of abortion rights, knows where she stands on the issue. But she wondered, what do folks on the other side have to say? She's produced a podcast series called, The Eighth.

For years, Egyptian women of all ages have felt pressure to straighten their naturally curly hair. But now, a group of women have said enough is enough. Through an online campaign, they're trying to get Egyptian women to embrace their curls.

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