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The deadly crackdowns by Myanmar security forces on demonstrators protesting a military coup are raising alarm in the West. How the US responds to calls for action on Myanmar is becoming a test of President Biden's foreign policy team. And, Pope Francis travels to Iraq on Friday for a three-day visit, despite the pandemic and escalating violence. Also, a team of multidisciplinary researchers has “virtually unfolded” a sealed letter, never opened, from the 17th century.


Carbon offsets have been gaining popularity and attention as a solution to climate change. While many offsets projects have major pitfalls, some forestry experts in Canada’s Maritimes Provinces see carbon offsets as a powerful way to change forest management.


After spending almost his entire adult life in a cell, Chanthon Bun was released from prison July 1 and expected to be put in ICE custody for potential deportation. But ICE agents never showed up — and it may be due to a public campaign to keep immigrants out of ICE detention during the coronavirus pandemic.

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