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Portrait of the late Binyavanga Wainaina in shiny purple suit
The award-winning Kenyan writer challenged stereotypes of Africa with biting satire and took on prejudice by documenting his life as an openly gay man.
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A close-up photo of two mothers holding their two sons.
It's one of three recent high-profile case where the US government has denied citizenship to children born overseas to a same-sex married couple because the child did not share biological ties with the US citizen parent.
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Recycled computers from America are poisoning people in Southeast Asia. Plus, why the US State Department granted citizenship to one child in a family, but not his brother. Also, why Britain's pro-Brexit party expects to dominate the British vote in this week's European Parliament elections.
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a village in turkey that is about to be flooded
Archeologists believe that Hasankeyf, Turkey's history began 11,000 years ago. Today, a dam reservoir will soon place the town deep underwater.
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An Asian couple pushes a baby stroller on their way into a shopping mall.
Asians are the fastest growing demographic in the United States, but could risk being undercounted in the upcoming nationwide census. A Census Bureau study finds that Asian Americans are the least likely to complete their census questionnaires, putting some services at risk.
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This is hardly what Americans envision when they drop off glitchy laptops or broken printers at their local recycling drop-off center. Yet, what fuels these Southeast Asian scrapyards is junk from afar — typically more affluent places such as Europe, Australia and the US.
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Zapiro drew this cartoon to accompany the Mail & Guardian’s 2013 expose on the lavish state-funded ‘security improvements’ made to Jacob Zuma’s private home in Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal province. They included a visitor's center, amphitheater, additional h
Zapiro has spent more than two decades drawing the scandals and peccadillos of Jacob Zuma — and been sued along the way.
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Woman wearing overalls and sunglasses holds and ax with both hands while looking at the camera.
In the spring of 1969, 19-year-old Terry Tickhill Terrell walked into the Institute of Polar Studies at OSU and told the secretary, “Hi, I want a job in Antarctica.”
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Four soldiers in full combat gear are seen in shadow with the setting sun behind them.
What do US veterans think about the possibility that the president could issue pardons for service members convicted of war crimes? We reached out to vets who served in Afghanistan and Iraq for their reaction. Also, how volunteers are helping to provide health care for the growing number of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border. And a historic mission to study the icy waters underneath Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier.
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US President Donald Trump is shown in a close-up photograph listening to questions with a fixed gaze straight ahead.
US President Donald Trump has requested the preparation of paperwork needed for the possible pardons of several US military members accused of or convicted of war crimes.