Full story - November 22, 2019
A sunset with the silhouette of a mosque and man approaching
Through war and Islamophobia, a generation thought they might have lost their histories and faith in Eastern Europe. But, unexpectedly, they found it again.
Full story - February 21, 2019
Renu Begum, sister of teenage British girl Shamima Begum who left the UK to join ISIS, holds a photo of her sister as she makes an appeal for Shemima to return home
Jesse Morton, a former Jihadist recruiter who now runs the group "Parallel Networks" to rehabilitate other radicalized individuals says, "Foreign fighters with ISIS can sometimes be the most credible voices in deterring others."
Full story - February 21, 2019
tennis court royal box
There’s a debate going on among athletes sparked by the controversial comments of tennis legend Martina Navratilova. She says it’s cheating when transgender women compete in women’s sports.
Full episode - February 21, 2019
Buildings under construction in the desert city of Riyadh
Saudi officials try to market the kingdom as a tourist destination. Plus, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a government in crisis. And a report out this week finds Americans have few options when it comes to recycled tissue products, including toilet paper, and it's having a devastating impact on Canada's northern forests.
Full story - February 20, 2019
A soldier stands in a road holding a gun
Under a UN-sponsored deal, warring parties in Yemen have agreed to remove troops from the key port city of Hodeidah. Peter Salisbury of the Belgium-based International Crisis Group says the war is complex, but explained some of the key parts of the conflict to The World.
Full story - February 20, 2019
Yalitza Aparicio mira hacia un lado con su mano en el menton.
Yalitza Aparicio, la primera mujer Indígena nominada a un premio Oscar, habla con The World sobre su papel protagónico en el filme "Roma" del director Alfonso Cuarón.
Full story - February 20, 2019
A woman wearing a hat stands on a subway platform
Divorce in Turkey is on the rise, even as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's government offers tax-breaks and incentives to women to get married and start a family. Despite those efforts, women are getting married older and the rate of marriage is declining.
Full story - February 20, 2019
A pile of soybeans is hoisted in the air
One of President Donald Trump’s signature promises has been to shrink our trade deficit, especially with China. So, how’s he doing there? The World’s Jason Margolis reports.
Full story - February 20, 2019
A market is shown in Tlaxiaco, Mexico, with vendors and shoppers.
Tlaxiaco is a small Mexican city that's in the spotlight for being the hometown of Yalitza Aparicio, the Oscar-nominated star of “Roma.” It’s also home to a rare binational radio program that airs both in Fresno, California, and Tlaxiaco, connecting residents to family members who have migrated north.