Full story - December 17, 2018
A man holds a phone with a picture of his granddaughter.
US officials say a 7-year-old’s death is an example of risks migrants take when crossing the US border. But the girl died in US custody.
Full story - December 17, 2018
Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in the US. But legal and accessible — that's not always the same thing. Some states are passing legislation aimed at restricting abortion. The latest is in Ohio, where two bills to limit abortion just landed on the governor's desk. And that has some women in need turning to an unconventional place: the internet.
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A man wearing googles holds up a sign that says "stop fossil fuel! there is no border in the sky!"
Negotiators created rules to help the world meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. But the UN climate chief still told the delegation, "Climate change is still running faster than us."
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Canadian Prime Minister stands at a table surrounded by others.
A company wants to build a city from 'the internet up,' but locals are worried about privacy controls over personal data.
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Police officers on patrol during the Notting Hill Carnival in London. Photo taken on August 27, 2018.
When The New York Times took to Twitter to ask Londoners about petty crime, they responded with a uniquely British level of gusto and sarcasm.
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sara mardini and sean binder
Sara Mardini and her colleagues now await a decision by the judicial council about whether or not there will be a trial, and what the charges will be.
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At the Wellesley recycling center, just west of Boston, residents drop their recyclables into 43 different sorting stations.
For years, the model for American recycling was pretty simple: throw it in a bin, then let China deal with the mess. But no longer.
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The keyboard of a computer is pictured at a computer shop, Oct. 19, 2017.
British intelligence officials have asked a Washington, DC-based researcher to shut down his site, an archive of extremist material, yet it's still operational. The news has, once again, brought up the debate about online regulation versus freedom of access to information.
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Yemen women stand near a tan tent next to a pile of fire wood.
A 7-year-old Guatemalan girl died hours after she was taken into Border Patrol custody, apparently of dehydration. She and her father were with a group of migrants who crossed into the US illegally along a remote strip of New Mexico desert and then turned themselves into Border Patrol. Plus, Russia's air force sent two strategic bombers to Venezuela this week. And an American newspaper has asked for stories about petty crime on social media, only to be met with British snark.