Full episode - April 09, 2021
A crowd of people are shown in the street with one man in the center fram wearing a scarf over his face.
COVID-19 cases are rising in India as its vaccination drive attempts to keep up. And, since President Joe Biden's first day in office, US-China relations have been both a priority and a concern. This week, Taiwan has been at the center of attention because China has revved up pressure there, with military exercises by air and sea. Also, new research shows Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica may be even more vulnerable than scientists realized.
Full story - April 09, 2021
A large crowd of people are shown outside of the tall black iron gates of Buckingham Palace.
Top of The World: The flag at Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom is flying at half-mast on Friday following an announcement from the royal family that Prince Philip had died. And, Israel said it will not cooperate with the ICC investigation into potential war crimes committed in the Palestinian Territories. Also, despite a surge in COVID-19 cases, the neighboring South American countries of Ecuador and Peru are holding presidential elections on Sunday.
Full story - April 08, 2021
A man stand next to a machine with large slabs of wood.
Wood used to rule much of the building world, and now, it’s poised for a comeback, as engineered wooden buildings start to become an eco-friendly alternative to concrete and steel.
Full episode - April 08, 2021
Two people are shown in shadow with a large fire shown in the distance.
Rioters set fire to a hijacked bus and lobbed gasoline bombs at police in Belfast Wednesday. Tensions have been on the rise since Britain's exit from the European Union. And, New Zealand recently made headlines when its Parliament approved a bill that requires employers to offer three days of bereavement leave for people who miscarry. Also, when pubs reopen fully in mid-May, the UK government is considering a COVID-19 certificate scheme that requires customers to prove they have been vaccinated.
Full story - April 08, 2021
A large military vessel is shown in the distnace amid foggy weather conditions.
Top of The World: The American military is warning that China could be accelerating its timetable for capturing control of Taiwan. And, the Biden administration is set to restore hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Palestinians. Also, rioting in the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast continued for a fourth consecutive night on Wednesday
Full episode - April 07, 2021
A man is shown with his hand holding a vile and syringe in focus while his face is in the background in soft focus.
Since the arrival of its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines last month, Kenya has been rushing to vaccinate its front-line workers amid a deadly third wave. And, two months after a military coup in Myanmar, troops have killed more than 500 civilians, often simply for demanding the army give power back to elected officials. Also, since its launch in December 2020, the Calma Line has received about 1,300 calls from men in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, where they can speak with a psychologist about their feelings. It's an effort to dismantle machismo — oftentimes linked to domestic violence.
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For one of their projects, children were asked to draw two worlds: the reality they live in today and an imaginary world they would like for themselves, and then connect the two with a bridge.
Reports of suicide attempts within the refugee population are up, as are other symptoms related to depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Meanwhile, virtually all mental services on the island are at capacity. 
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Anti-coup protesters walk through a market with images of ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi at Kamayut township in Yangon, Myanmar, April 8, 2021. They walked through the markets and streets of Kamayut township with slogans to show their disaffection
From hiding, a parliament-in-exile takes shape and seeks to build a new armed resistance force.
Full story - April 07, 2021
Two people are shown in shadow running toward an ambulance with red brake lights on in the rain.
Top of The World: For the first time on Tuesday, Brazil became the third nation to report a daily COVID-19 death rate exceeding 4,000. And, an Iranian ship identified as the Saviz was damaged by an alleged Israeli mine attack. Also, initial voting results in Greenland are in after Tuesday's parliamentary election that captured global attention.
Full story - April 06, 2021
Two people enjoy bubble tea.
When drinking bubble tea — the straw is essential. How else can you suck up all those chewy tapioca balls? Complaints from bubble-tea drinkers have sparked a national conversation about straws.