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A person is shown wearing a protective medical mask and hair net while holding between their finfers a file of the Sinopharm's COVID-19 vaccine.
The World Health Organization gave emergency use authorization on Friday to a COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by China's Sinopharm, which could pave the way to helping vaccinate poorer countries. And, the ports of Belfast and Larne in Northern Ireland have become flashpoints, as Brexit has turned them into de facto borders. Also, a new album released Friday is aimed at raising awareness about musicians in Iran who continually find themselves at risk for censorship, or even jail.
Full story - May 07, 2021
Residents walk near a doorway scared with bullet holes after a police raid against alleged drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 6, 2021. 
At least 25 people were killed on Thursday in a police raid on a poor community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Now, residents and local officials are demanding answers — and accountability.
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Birds fly above Mount Everest against a blue sky
Mountaineers say COVID-19 is rapidly spreading on Mount Everest. "We could have a very, very bad tragedy this year," said Leo Namen, a climber from Canada.
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Areas of west Belfast are dominated by vivid murals depicting armed Loyalist and Republican paramilitary figures.
Last month's violence in Northern Ireland was blamed on anger over Brexit but, upon closer inspection, the issues run much deeper.
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Several police officers are shown wearing dark colored fatigues and climbing out of a black armored vehicle carrying weapons.
Top of The World: Police in a Rio de Janeiro slum engaged in an hourslong gunbattle Thursday targeting drug traffickers and leading to the death of at least 25 people. And, for the third time in May, health officials in India reported more than 400,000 coronavirus infections in a 24-hour period. Also, a discarded section of a Chinese rocket is set to fall back to Earth as early as Saturday in an uncontrolled reentry.
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A member of the Paris Fire Brigade prepares a syringe with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
Mustaqeem De Gama, South Africa's representative to the World Trade Organization, tells The World's Marco Werman about the global effort to relax intellectual property restrictions during the pandemic.
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Woman in white dress laughs while talking to woman facing away from camera in red dress
The expulsion of Kangana Ranaut from Twitter may put the platform on a path toward confrontation with the Indian government.
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French and European Union flags fly at entrance to France's top elite school.
In April, French President Emmanuel Macron ordered the closure of L’Ecole Nationale d’Administration, with plans to “to build something better.” But will its replacement be more of the same by a different name?
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Four vials of the COVID-19 vaccine doses
In a major policy shift, the US announced it would support the COVID-19 vaccine patent waiver efforts and engage in negotiations over the specifics. But many in the vaccine industry warn that a waiver does not address the underlying problem of vaccine shortages. And, the European Union and the United Nations are expressing concern over police violence against protesters in the Colombian city of Cali, where officers have killed and injured several protesters this week. Also, is nudism experiencing a renaissance during lockdown? One society of nudists in the UK says they’ve experienced an uptick in interest during the pandemic.
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A passenger shows his PCR test result on his phone as he boards a plane at an airport
After a year of travel restrictions, the EU commission has laid out plans that could see the continent open its borders by June. But several COVID-19 rules and restrictions will still apply.