Full episode - September 21, 2018
Lucila Cabrera is shown sitting on her porch with damaged buildings visible nearby.
Healthcare and recovery in Puerto Rico: We look into the long-term effects from Hurricane Maria on the health of some people on the island. Also, Southeast Asia's organized crime underworld. And, planting Lebanese cedar trees in the US in places named Lebanon.
Full story - September 21, 2018
Alberto Rodríguez
Andrea Patiño Contreras went to Puerto Rico to catalogue the impact Hurricane Maria is having on people's mental and physical health. The people she met are living with heartbreaking situations.
Full story - September 21, 2018
Malian singer Fatoumata Diawara is shown in a bright blue and white dress standing in the desert.
Malian musician Fatoumata Diawara has a new video out for her latest single, “Bonya.” The lively track, from her recently released second solo album, asks listeners to show respect to others.
Full story - September 21, 2018
A woman wears a lacy bra and a blazer as she stands in front of a sweeping mountain vista in this screen grab from a music video. Below, a line from the song is spelled out in Kyrgyz.
Zere Asylbek's feminist song asks for respect for women — but she's now facing threats and criticism over the clothing she wore in the music video for her song.
Full story - September 17, 2018
man looking out a broken window, surrounded by rubble
The Russian-Turkish agreement to designate a demilitarized zone may have averted an imminent attack on Idlib but many of the Syrians who live there, like Mohammad Hmeidan and his family, are still waiting for a more permanent solution to their displacement.
Full episode - September 20, 2018
A man walks along an empty beach light and dark blue waters near Ceiba, Puerto Rico, Sept. 18, 2018.
Is Puerto Rico any better prepared for a storm than it was last September when Hurricane Maria hit? And, why the rest of the globe is paying attention to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the sexual assault allegations against him. Plus, we hear from the frontman for the Northern Irish rock band Snow Patrol about his struggles with depression, anxiety and sobriety.
Full story - September 19, 2018
This bright red New York City tour bus carries a message about the war being fought in Yemen.
World leaders in New York City for the UN General Assembly will have a hard time avoiding a message calling for an end to the war in Yemen. It's on billboards and kiosks, and it's rolling around the city on buses.
Full story - September 19, 2018
A woman, a child and man spread their arms out like airplanes on the roof of a building as they pose for a silly family photograph. Behind them are dark storm clouds.
The 7.1 magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico City and surrounding areas killed 369 people. Seven people died in the collapse of Wesley’s apartment building, including his wife, Elizabeth.
Full episode - September 19, 2018
A US flag is seen during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing, China.
Are you pro-tariffs or for free trade? We hear from two perspectives on President Donald Trump's trade policies. Plus, an update on one of Detroit's most iconic urban ruins, which was bought by a Spanish developer. And, a report from Mexico City one year since a major earthquake hit the city.
Full story - September 19, 2018
Destroyed homes on a beach
Hurricane Maria’s waves clawed away at the sand, reducing the width of the broad beach by approximately 90 percent. But it wasn’t just that the familiar landscape disappeared — it left La Boca defenseless.