Full story - December 14, 2018
Police officers on patrol during the Notting Hill Carnival in London. Photo taken on August 27, 2018.
When The New York Times took to Twitter to ask Londoners about petty crime, they responded with a uniquely British level of gusto and sarcasm.
Full story - December 14, 2018
sara mardini and sean binder
Sara Mardini and her colleagues now await a decision by the judicial council about whether or not there will be a trial, and what the charges will be.
Full story - December 14, 2018
At the Wellesley recycling center, just west of Boston, residents drop their recyclables into 43 different sorting stations.
For years, the model for American recycling was pretty simple: throw it in a bin, then let China deal with the mess. But no longer.
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Yemen women stand near a tan tent next to a pile of fire wood.
A 7-year-old Guatemalan girl died hours after she was taken into Border Patrol custody, apparently of dehydration. She and her father were with a group of migrants who crossed into the US illegally along a remote strip of New Mexico desert and then turned themselves into Border Patrol. Plus, Russia's air force sent two strategic bombers to Venezuela this week. And an American newspaper has asked for stories about petty crime on social media, only to be met with British snark.
Full story - December 13, 2018
a female prisoner holds her baby in a room with laundry hanging
El Salvador is one of just a handful of countries where abortion is banned in all circumstances. The ban is so draconian that even miscarriage is considered suspicious.
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The deadline for this year’s climate summit is tomorrow, and negotiators still haven’t resolved many of the most important issues.
Full story - December 12, 2018
The white gated entrance to the Am'ari camp.
“The abolition [of UNRWA] means erasing the existence of the refugee issue. We say to them that we insist on the existence of the agency as long as the issue of refugees is not resolved," says Taha al-Biss, leader of the al-Amari refugee camp in the West Bank.
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President Donald Trump answers questions during an exclusive interview with Reuters journalists in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington,  DC on December 11, 2018. Asked about his past business connections with Russia, Trump said, "The stuff yo
President Donald Trump says "No collusion!" about the Russia investigation. But special counsel Robert Mueller wants to know about Trump's past business connections with Russia. The question is, does that history help explain Trump's relationship with Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin?
Full episode - December 12, 2018
A man wearing a yellow vest and holding a French flag stands on a bridge with his arms in the air.
We learn more about President Donald Trump's business ties to Russia. Plus, the latest on Maria Butina, the first Russian who is expected to plead guilty on charges related to Russia's attempts to influence the 2016 US presidential election. And, how individual people are becoming collateral damage in the US-China trade war. Those stories, and the news, today on The World.