In October, "The Invisible: Children Without Homes" will receive an Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA) for best radio documentary. This program was superbly produced and written by Ariana Pekary, edited by Steve Lickteig, and recorded by Dan Bloom and Geoffrey Redick. Last month, "The Invisible" received the New York Festivals/United Nations Gold Award. It also has been honored by the Journalism Center on Children and Families.

Homeless famillies make up the fastest growing segment of this country's homeless. In New York City, there are more homeless dads, moms and kids than ever -- 9,500 just in the city. Even more troubling, our nation's capital is the worst place for children, having the highest percentage living in poverty than any state in the country.

Bob spent hours interviewing homeless men, women and children, social workers and government officials to learn about the growing problem of homeless families and kids. This resulting documentary, "The Invisible – Children without Homes," presents how economics, education, healthcare, and culture impact those lives.

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