Arts, Culture & Media

Saudi Jeans

Saudi blogger Ahmed Al-Omran talks to Faith about the ban on all things colored red that is planned to be imposed on Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia.

Global Politics


Kentucky State Representative Charles Siler talks to Faith about his proposal to make Kentucky Fried Chicken the "official picnic food" of Kentucky.

Arts, Culture & Media

Gaming convention

News analyst Ed Herro takes a look at Obama's recent pronouncement that people need to play less video games, with input from avid gamers at a recent SF gaming convention.

Business, Economics and Jobs

Lawrence Lessig

Stanford law professor and web icon Lawrence Lessig talks to Faith about why he's decided to set aside his fight to ease online copyright restrictions to tackle corruption and the influence of money in politics.

Global Politics

Spitzer scandal

Faith and Fair Game news analyst Brian Donovan examine the prostitution scandal surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. Hey, at least he remembered to wear his flag pin.