Sonia Narang

Sonia Narang

Multimedia Journalist/Producer
Sonia Narang is a multimedia journalist who reports on women's rights, climate change & the environment, global health, and music & culture. She has produced and reported in-depth multimedia projects at PRI's The World, including award-winning series on women in Nepal, the fight against cancer around the world, and an innovative school in South Africa. She has also filmed musicians for The World’s Global Hit web videos.
Sonia has produced and reported stories across Asia & the Pacific, Europe, Africa, and North America for the BBC, NPR News, Washington Post's The Lily, The New York Times, Frontline/World, NBC, and
It's true, Sonia once filmed a cat café in Osaka, Japan. She's also reported on Indigenous fashion in Canada, women farmers affected by cyclones in Fiji, the aftermath of the Japan tsunami, and the controversy over U.S. military bases in Okinawa.
A native Californian, Sonia has a master’s degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Before that, she cut her teeth reporting and photographing for a newspaper in Colorado.

Recent Stories

Health & Medicine

Bed Nets for Malaria: Losing the Arms Race?

Governments and charitable organizations have distributed millions of insecticide-treated bed nets across Africa, to repel and kill mosquitoes that spread malaria. But mosquitoes are growing resistant to the insecticide. Health experts say a resurgence of the deadly disease may be coming -- one that could have been avoided.

Development & Education

Mrs. Lovett’s Colorful Math Classroom

Wendy Lovett, a popular teacher at the South African math and science school COSAT, returned to her native United Kingdom recently. But she's leaving behind more than memories. She's leaving behind a bright, colorful classroom that students say helps them to achieve success.