BP: the government hasn't given out any information, but our sources in the area say the Pakistani forces moved in on a camp inhabited by Lashkar-e-Taiba, near Kashmir. A number of arrests were made. (If the president is ordering this crackdown and has done so not long after Condoleezza Rice visited Pakistan, is he seen as having acted under pressure from the U.S.?) I think most people see it as such, as well as pressure from the Indians. The question was always whether Pakistan's security forces were on board. I think the President is not sticking his neck out as much as one might think. (To what extent does it appear the security forces in Pakistan are working with their president?) This Chief of Army staff made it clear he wanted to de-politicize the army as much as possible. We've heard other reports confirming this kind of move with the army. But it has always been a complex relationship between the government and security forces in Pakistan. The security forces have always seen India as a threat, but having said that, although India is viewed differently by the two organizations, neither wants a war with India right now.

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