How hate and debate came to a Connecticut mosque

Two years after a neighbor shot at their mosque, a leader at the Baitul Aman Mosque in Meriden has found an unlikely companion to show people true Islam: a local 76-year-old who is convinced organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood are plotting to impose Islamic law on America.


Do bride prices drive terrorism?

Could high bride prices be fueling global terrorism, conflict and instability? Yes, say two academics in a new article published in MIT Press Journals. And they say the US should wake up and address it.



Delivering in Afghanistan

A daring operation took place this week through one of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan. Thousands of international troops worked together to deliver a massive hydroelectric turbine to a site in southern Afghanistan.

Global Politics

Pakistan's effect on Afghanistan

The World's Quil Lawrence reports from Kabul, Afghanistan, on what Afghans expect a new Pakistani president will mean in the fight against the Taliban. The Taliban use parts of Pakistan as a safe haven for attacks across the border in Afghanistan.

Conflict & Justice

Looking for Bin Laden

The World's Jason Margolis reports that the Bush Administration is stepping up its hunt for extremists -- including Osama bin Laden -- inside Pakistan's tribal areas. But Pakistan's military isn't pleased about it.