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Jim Webb declines to be Obama running mate

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Webb’s name comes up over and over again as a potential running mate for Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), the presumptive Democratic nominee for president.

Webb’s experience as a combat veteran and former Secretary of the Navy were considered by many experts a good fit for Obama, who is relatively inexperienced on national security matters.

But Webb said Monday he intends to stay in the Senate and that he will NOT accept an invitation by Obama’s campaign to be on the ticket.

SEN. JIM WEBB (D-VA): "I think there’s been a lot of speculation about it and I’ve said pretty consistently that I was not interested in the position, but it’s not like you’re running for office here either, so I thought I would clarify the matter."

Virginia normally tilts Republican in presidential elections. But Democrats are gaining strength there and many believed Webb was in a strong position to deliver the state for Obama in November.

It’s a tradition in politics for potential running mates to profess a lack of interest in the vice presidential job. But Webb says Monday’s announcement is no feint.

SEN. JIM WEBB (D-VA): "It’s a definitive statement."

All is not lost for political watchers in the commonwealth. Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine is also on the media’s short list for Obama’s VP pick.

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