Big coal companies operating in Kentucky increase lobbying activities around cap-and-trade bill in Congress.
Senator Barack Obama isn't the only candidate trying to sell change this election, but he is the only one casting himself in the mold of cultural heroes of the 1960's.
Lawmakers doubt the possibility of action on comprehensive immigration reform before the midterm elections.
A dozen or so Republicans participate in a symbolic retaking of the House floor -- Democrats refuse to take the bait.
From the ridiculous to the sublime, Washington's premier political satire troupe found a wealth of material in 2008.
After a tense day of negotiations and days of delay, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky), allowed a vote on a temporary extension of Federal unemployment benefits.
The debate in the Senate over the AIDS bill may not just be about money; often global AIDS attracts a debate on abortion.
A ballot initiative in South Florida aims to ban gay marriage, along with civil unions, which could be a concern for heterosexual couples as well.
Lawmakers look at how real-time meter readings and smarter household appliances can help save on energy costs.
Republican senators want to voice concerns about global warming science at Copenhagen climate conference.