While lawmakers take small steps towards immigration reform, Wisconsin dairy farmers live the consequences of inaction.
The body that is the U.S. Congress just flat-out dropped any pretense of playing nice and being civil this past week.
"Change has come to America," President-elect Barack Obama told the country in his victory speech on Election night.
President Obama tells lawmakers to top playing "games", abandon partisan "scare tactics", and pass comprehensive health reform.
Senate Democrats met their deadline to pass the health care reform bill by Christmas.
Florida business leaders, farmers and politicians are resisting a new EPA plan to clean up the state's waterways.
Ron Paul is no longer running for President, but he brought together third party candidates to raise the profile of their long-shot campaigns.
Some fear the climate change bill could shut down even more businesses -- Ohio Democrats balance keeping jobs and protecting the environment.
Google testifies on decision to shut down search site in China, and GoDaddy balks at demand to collect information on domains.
The House and Senate continue to dole out progress with an eyedropper, and Richard Simmons tries to motivate.