In his concession speech, John McCain commends President-elect Barack Obama for his historic achievement.
Public lashes out at lawmakers at town hall meetings discussing health care, while Rush Limbaugh and others add fuel to the fire.
Much is at stake for education systems of cash-strapped states as education reform goes before Senate.
The debate over the Democrat's bill on oil speculation is underway, and Republicans are agitating for new drilling leases.
Last night the GOP party base got the red meat they were craving -- from former Democrat Joe Lieberman.
Leaders of a new Populist Congressional Caucus explain populism and whether the caucus undermines the Democratic party.
House bill reduces $55 billion in payments to Medicare home health care providers; Senate bill slices $42 billion.
House lawmakers passed an energy bill that would leave it up to the coastal states to choose whether or not to drill offshore for oil and gas.
The guard changes in Washington, and now there are jobs to find and houses to sell.
Critics blast T.A.R.P. program for not properly tracking how banks used government bailout funds.