LS was at the rally: groups of rioters were attacking buildings such as the American Embassy, America and Afghanistan were the first to recognize Kosovo. So the greatest anger is against the US. (Was that anger in these crowds reflected at the main protest?) when the Prime Minister mentioned the EU and US, the crowd was angry and booing. (This was a state sponsored rally, was it intended to stir things up?) the speeches were not inflammatory. Then government tried to stave off protests over the weekend and he promised there would be peaceful rallies. They hoped by Thursday things would've cooled off. It appears this anger is not going to be short term, but it's not approved by the government. (What was that explosion we just heard?) Hard to say, it was out my window, perhaps all the paraphernalia that soccer fans use and this is now outside my office. (you seem to be taking it in stride?) I've seen a lot of riots and demonstrations, but what worries me is the crowd I was in was not exhibiting its anger openly. This anger I fear is here to stay. (Can the Serbian government do anything to stop Kosovo's independence?) The Serbian government has not done anything except recall its ambassador. It said it won't accept or recognize the independence and it might try to rally other countries who are upset about this, like China and Russia.

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