Jean Jennings Bartik (left) and Frances Bilas Spence (right)  were part of a team of six women who programmed the ENIAC.
Six women programmed ENIAC for the United States Army during World War II, but when the computer was presented to the public, they weren't even thanked or named. Now a lawyer and filmmaker is trying to set the historical record straight and help rediscover all of science's forgotten female pioneers.
A small collection of the submissions to the “Russian Beauty” contest (from both competitors and protesters).
How women's activists, angry at what they saw as chauvinism, derailed a conservative group's "Russian Beauty'' contest.
Margie Richard stands in what used to be her front yard, across the street from Shell's chemical plant in Norco, Louisiana. Richard pushed for the company to buy out the neighborhood and move residents.
It took decades of tragedies and illnesses, and a trip to see UN officials, but a retired teacher in the small town of Norco, Louisiana persuaded Shell Oil to relocate the residents of her neighborhood away from a dangerous chemical plant. Now her example may help other local activists do the same.
Michelle Obama 1
A new biography shows a family cramped into a tight bungalow, pinching pennies, enduring slights and slurs. "It was very disciplined," Michelle Obama recalls. Her big brother says he didn't realize they were poor until he went to college.
Broadway in New York City
Sexual harassment is pervasive in show business, especially in the world of theater. But that doesn't make it OK — and now there's a new effort to get things in check.
Mabel van Oranje
A global issue like child marriage takes a global effort to change it, and that ‘s the idea behind Girls Not Brides, an organization founded in 2011 with this mission: end child marriage in one generation. Our host, Madeleine Brand spoke to the chair and founder of Girls Not Brides, Mabel van Oranje, about how she plans to meet her goal.
Michelle Obama in Japan
First lady Michelle Obama promoted girls education in developing countries alongside her Japanese counterpart Akie Abe. But she avoided the elephant in the room — Japan's own struggles with gender inequity.
data on women
An abundance of studies yields wildly contradictory data points on the state of women in the world today. Here is a brief (and partial) guide.
Rosa Parks is a candidate for the first woman on the $20 bill
It's time, one group says, to end the monopoly of men on US paper currency. President Barack Obama thinks it's about time, too.
Difret's producer and director
In the southern part of Ethiopia, abducting children and forcing them into marriage is still a common practice. But advocates have found a unique way to change public opinion about this tradition: making and screening the award-winning film, Difret.