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This year's Women's March in the US is experiencing some tension at the top, but that hasn't slowed down other women across the globe who are also marching for their rights.
The women-led organization is revamping the place and plans to use it as a home base as well as an ecotourism draw.
Soccer player Ada Hegerberg holds the Ballon d'Or trophy
Women's soccer player Ada Hegerberg is the first Ballon d'Or Féminin winner. For her, it's a symbol that the women's sport is getting more attention, even though she says all women and girls are still fighting sexism, both in the sport and in the world.
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Kazuna Yamamoto is a college student who started an online petition to get a Japanese tabloid magazine to apologize for an article that rated Japan's universities according to how easy it is for men to get female students to have sex with them. She succeeded and along the way got 40,000+ responses to her online appeal.
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In 2018, our Across Women’s Lives desk spoke to (or about) numerous women who've had a profound impact on their communities. Many of them challenged the status quo.
HEART Women & Girls, whose sex educators are all Muslim, raises awareness about sexual health and violence within the community.
The abuse reportedly happened inside the country and also during a training camp held in February of last year in Jordan. Players flew out, and two male representatives of the Afghanistan Football Federation came with them. Khalida Popal, former captain of Afghanistan's national soccer team, had organized the training session in Jordan and had reservations about the men.
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Sexual abuse allegations against a popular actor have rocked Argentina in recent weeks. Thousands of women have come forward with their stories of sexual assault using the hashtag, #Miracomonosponemo, meaning, "Look at what you've done to us."
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Many literary groups across the country focus on contemporary women authors. Newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro has spoken disparagingly about women, though, and some in the literary community worry about what that means for female writers.
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