France MeToo
​​​​​​​The private Facebook group was was made up of prominent French journalists — mostly men — who were behind a wave of online insults aimed at women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, and other minority groups.
Three women in Saudi Arabia wearing black.
In 2015, the Saudi government launched an app called Abhser — which roughly translates to “yes sir” — that allows men to grant some of those permissions through clicks and swipes. But the app is also helping some Saudi women escape the country.
An illustration depicts Hungarian women pulling a curtain that is also a Hungarian flag revealing the symbol of women behind it.
Hungarian women face social expectations that they should be caretakers instead of breadwinners. The country also has the lowest rate of women in government in the European Union — just 12 percent.
An elderly white woman sits on a step, talking with two younger white women.
Lise Meitner — who broke ground in the study of nuclear physics — remains obscure and largely forgotten. She was excluded from the victory celebration of her discovery because she was a Jewish woman. Her story is a sad one.
day care
Having kids — it’s not cheap. Especially when you consider the cost of child care. Many women in the US say the cost makes it difficult to get ahead. But what if there were a model for universal day care? It turns out, there is such a thing — in Québec. The program is 20 years old and is an inspiration for many.
red light district
The volunteers who came to Dorit's aid are part of an Israeli, Hebrew-language Facebook group made up of women currently or formerly in prostitution and other people who want to help.
women wearing colorful saris gather in a circle.
In India, strides are being made to increase access to contraception, but there are still plenty of challenges — especially when it comes to reaching rural women.
domestic abuse discussion
New legislation is being considered in the UK Parliament that will define it as a form of domestic violence. Under the legislation, financial abuse could lead to stiffer penalties.
A white woman with medium length light brown hair holds a banner while in a protest march.
The UN has been able to investigate human rights complaints within the US, but the Trump administration has rejected international oversight.
people marching
This year's Women's March in the US is experiencing some tension at the top, but that hasn't slowed down other women across the globe who are also marching for their rights.