A Domino’s commercial featuring The Noid.

A Domino’s commercial featuring The Noid.


Ernie Perich

In 1986, Domino’s Pizza unveiled a bold advertising mascot: a mischievous, rabbit-eared gremlin called The Noid. The character quickly became famous — he appeared on T-shirts, in video games and even in a Michael Jackson video — but through a bizarre series of unfortunate events, he became infamous, too.

Ernie Perich (the creative director behind The Noid), Tim McIntyre (the vice president of communications at Domino’s) and Sean Burnsed tell the true — and not true — story of The Noid’s creation and demise.

Music by Chill Carrier, Katona Twins and Podington Bear used under a Creative Commons license.

(Originally aired April 13, 2018)

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