Full episode - December 06, 2018
“David” by Renaissance artist Michelangelo was fashioned after Greek sculpture. The biblical hero has the diminutive goods to prove it.
A scholarly look at why men in classical art are so slightly endowed, plus how a writer thinks about her day job as a respiratory therapist and holiday fiction from Kurt Andersen.
Full story - December 06, 2018
A small boat heads out into the sea ice in western Greenland.
In need of a little holiday cheer this year? Listen to this radio drama of an unusual Christmas story by Kurt Andersen.
Full story - December 06, 2018
Stacey Rose
Stacey Rose is a playwright, screenwriter, director, producer and ... a respiratory therapist.
Full story - December 06, 2018
A terracotta Panathenaic prize from 530 B.C.
There’s a little something to note about male figures in classical art.
Full episode - November 29, 2018
A 1970s poster for the musical “My Fair Lady.”
Lyricist Alan Jay Lerner’s centennial, and more theater magic with impresario Jack Viertel and “Sweat” in the Rust Belt.
Full story - November 29, 2018
Jenny Jules and Benton Greene in the Mobile Unit National Tour of “Sweat,” written by Lynn Nottage and directed by Kate Whoriskey, in Ravenna, OH during a free tour to 18 cities in the Midwest.
How “Sweat,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning labor drama by Lynn Nottage, made the jump from Broadway glitz to blue-collar communities.
Full story - November 29, 2018
Cast members of the play "Memphis" at the 64th annual Tony Awards.
Jack Viertel gives a master class in American musical theater.
Full story - November 29, 2018
Stage and film lyricist Alan Jay Lerner photographed in 1985.
What do the musicals “My Fair Lady,” “Gigi” and “Camelot” have in common? They were all written by the talented, complicated Alan Jay Lerner.
Full episode - November 22, 2018
Harley-Davidson motorcycles lineup, Jimi Hendrix plays Woodstock and Georgia O’Keeffe stands in front of one of her skull paintings.
America’s love affair with a motorcycle, plus Georgia O’Keeffe’s Southwestern masterpieces and how Jimi Hendrix summed up the Vietnam War with a single guitar solo.
Full story - November 22, 2018
A watercolor of Jimi Hendrix.
How Jimi Hendrix summed up the Vietnam War in a single guitar solo.