Flynn? Russia? Presidential tweets? Political cartoonists around the globe weigh in


He's with us. He's with us. Oh dear, he's gone! Vladimir Putin and President Trump react to the resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security adviser. 


Marian Kamensky, Slovakia

The news these days reads like satire: National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns over his pre-inauguration contact with the Russian ambassador. The New York Times reports that the Trump presidential campaign had frequent contact with Russian officials. And the President takes to Twitter.

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It may seem satirical, but it's not.

The people putting out intentional satire are cartoonists looking at the United States from abroad.

Here's a sampling of their recent work.

cartoon about Trump

Gary Clement, Canada

And here's latest Graun toon https://t.co/7o9QnIu7RP @AnnTelnaes

Happy #valentines Day! Today's #DonaldTrump cartoon in @TorontoStar pic.twitter.com/EvJAMRl6wI