Over the years, some of the funniest names in show business have come through Studio 360. We've picked a few of our favorite interviews fora summer playlist --- perfect for lifting your spirits in the airport security line or in traffic on the road to the beach. Listen toour picks above and see the complete list below--- and enjoy!

  • Mel Brooks and the Comedy of Humanity(May 3, 2013)
    The Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winner remembers growing up in Brooklyn and a formative evening watching Anything Goes on stage.
  • Jenny Slate Comes Out of Her (Snail) Shell(October 3, 2014)
    The SNL dropout and creator of Marcel the Shell talks about her breakout role in Obvious Child.
  • Tim Minchin and Matilda(June 7, 2013)
    The Australianmusician and comedian performs songs he composed for the musical Matilda, and why the assignment felt like an intervention from the hand of fate.
  • American Icons: Anything Goes (September 13, 2103)
    Cole Porter's biggest hit gets a revamp for the modern age from Joe Keenan and Bryan Batt.
  • Jack Handey Reads "Tarzan in the Village"(June 27, 2014)
    Jack "Deep Thoughts" Handey reads a Tarzan story for the new millennium --- commissioned by Studio 360 on the 100th anniversary of Tarzan's first appearance in print.
  • Sideshow: Howard Kremer is a One-Joke Comedian(September 9, 2014)
    Sideshow's Sean Rameswaram talks with comedian Howard Kremer about the joke that has turned into a mantra and comedy empire: Have a summah!

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