Libraries aren't just palaces of dead trees anymore. Lots of libraries and librarians have embraced technology and social media. And one library-centric hashtag has caught on in the wider book-loving world: #bookface. The idea is to take a book cover and stage a photo that appears to complete it. It's life-meets-(cover)art!

The subjects of #bookfacerange from graphic novelsto biographies andself-help manuals. Most havea human subject or two, but even that isn't a given. Speaking from experience (see our attempt below), making a good #bookface photo isn't easy. It takes a trained eye to spot the composition: a green-haired man as the Joker, or a Bob Hope lookalike with an uncannily similar hairline. It's all in the details.

Since we gave it a try, we think you should too. Stage your own #bookface, and tweet@sideshow with the results.

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