Music heard on the air for July 14, 2014

The music played between stories on The World for Monday, July 14, 2014 include:

TriBeCaStan    SONG: Blame it on the Moon
    ARTIST: TriBeCaStan
    CD TITLE: New Songs from the Old Country
    CD LABEL: Evergreene Music


Da Cruz    SONG:  Cansado de São Paulo
    ARTIST: Da Cruz
    CD TITLE: Disco E Progresso
    CD LABEL: Boom Jah Records


Electric Kulintang    SONG: Of the Invisible
    ARTIST: Electric Kulintang
    CD TITLE: Drum Codes
    CD LABEL: Song of the Bird King


Plus, Happy Bastille Day!

Chillout French Cafe    SONG: A Long Trip     
    ARTIST: Chillout Café
    CD TITLE: Chillout French Café - Chill Out Lounge Music & Accordion Music Electro Chill Lounge Grooves
    CD LABEL: Cala Blanca Club


And we remember South African Nobel-Prize winning author Nadine Gordimer who died at the age of 90. Here's a tune by South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim:

Abdullah Ibrahim   SONG: The Homecoming Song
    ARTIST: Abdullah Ibrahim/Dollar Brand
    CD TITLE: African Marketplace
    CD LABEL: Discovery

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