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Hawks Patrol the Skies at Wimbledon




Manya Gupta

This weekend marks the final matches of this year's Wimbledon tennis tournament.

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For 136 years, thousands of spectators have crowded into the All England Club for the grass-court championship. But the grass also attracts pigeons — lots of them.

Fourteen years ago, the Davis family had a novel idea. Why not fight feather with feather?

Their family business, Avian Environmental Consultants, were already using trained birds of prey on RAF bases and in Westminster Abbey for pigeon patrol; so they called up the folks at Wimbledon, and have been in business together ever since.

The World's Marco Werman speaks with falconer Imogen Davis, who owns and handles Rufus, the hawk.

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    Rufus's job at Wimbledon is to scare the pigeons off and stop them eating the grass. (Photo courtesy: Rufus's Instagram account)


    Manya Gupta