Get Ready for Super Bowl 2011

Two great quarterbacks face off this weekend in Super Bowl XLV as Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger and Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers take to the field. Nando di Fino, sports writer for The Wall Street Journal highlights what to expect and gives us his


Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Commercials

Most of us prefer to fast-forward through TV commercials in our everyday lives. But on Super Bowl Sunday, the ads are almost as hyped as the game itself. Featuring celebrity endorsements, special effects, and the kind of humor that pushes the envelope,

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Zero emissions race

You need a pretty big battery to drive an electric car for hundreds of miles a day. That's what participants in the 'Zero Emissions Race' did. The race began last August and ended today in a Swiss city that we want you to name…


Fair Game - Episode 3 - Segment 1

Fair Game with Faith Salie takes the day's news and entertainment stories, blows them up, and puts them back together again -- all in one glorious hour. Join Faith and her guests as they delve into subjects like international espionage, Robert Downey Junior, and why you sometimes need to punch a hawk to save a puppy. All that plus live music! Fair Game - where every topic is our play thing.


Steroids in baseball

Faith and news analyst Brian Donovan take a look at baseball legend Roger Clemens' testimony before Congress today in which he fervently denied ever having used performance-enhancing drugs.



Faith talks to Greg Papanicolas, a defensive football coach at Sports International, about how you can stop the momentum of an opponent.