The US Calls on China to Take a Tougher Stance on North Korea


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and South Korean President Park Geun-hye have a private bilateral meeting at Blue House in Seoul. (Photo: Reuters)

The words are flying fast and furious between the US and North Korea.

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We've heard all week about Pyongyang's threats to hit at the US, possibly by launching a missile.

Well, Friday at a press conference in Seoul, Secretary of State John Kerry warned the North that that would be a "huge mistake."

Kerry also called on China to put "teeth" in its efforts to reign in North Korea, DPRK.

"No country in the world, has as close a relationship or as significant an impact on the DPRK than China," Secretary Kerry stated. "China has an enormous ability to help make a difference here."

Kerry plans to deliver that message in person, when he visits China Friday.

Kerry's statement hasn't elicited a Chinese reply yet.