Harare at night (Photo: Tendai C/Wiki Commons)

Memorizing world capitals can be a bit tricky…because sometimes they are moved. For example, the capital of Nigeria was moved from Lagos to Abuja, in part because of overcrowding. And remember Almaty? It was once the capital of Kazakhstan, until it was replaced by Astana And Myanmar's capital is not Rangoon but Naypyidaw. So for the Geo Quiz, we have two questions for you: Can you name the capital of Zimbabwe? And if you're really on top of your game, can you name the place where the Zimbabwean government wants to build a new capital? The answers are Harare, the current capital of Zimbabwe and Mt. Hampden, a suburb of Harare where the government has proposed building a new home for the country's Parliament, Supreme Court, and Reserve Bank. But many observers are skeptical of the plan saying Zimbabwe's economy is in such disarray the country can't manage such a move. Anchor Marco Werman gets details from reporter Peta Thornycroft of South Africa's Independent newspaper .

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