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Bibi Tanga: Son of a Diplomat Grooves with The Selenites

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Bibi Tanga and the Selenits. (Photo:

Musician Bibi Tanga is the son of a diplomat from Central African Republic. He grew up all over the world including Moscow, Paris and New York.

He says there were advantages and disadvantages to his nomadic youth. It was hard having to make new friends all the time, but he says that globetrotting lifestyle now serves him well as a musician.

He and his band, Bibi Tanga and the Selenites are now based in Paris. Their new album is called 40 Degrees of Sunshine.

"Kangoya" is a song about palm wine; a drink that comes from the palm tree.

Bibi Tanga says it is an important drink in Central Africa. It is consumed during ceremonial parties and before going to concerts. He says he likes it but too, but only in moderation.

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