Last month, we asked for your suggestions for a new six-word tagline for Canada. And the slogans poured in, more than 750 submissions. This was one of the first, and it remained our favorite to the end:   "Canada: We're not just colder, we're cooler."– David Fuller, Winnipeg Canada isn't always cold, Fuller insists. "And we're usually patted on the head for being nice or polite or not too noticeable, which is also a little annoying after a while. A little bit like being told you're a good kid." And the recent flood of great Canadian bands is proof that Canada is cooler than ever.   When Kurt suggests a slightly shorter, snappier version of the slogan ("Canada: Not just colder, cooler."), Fuller is game: "I'm all about editing. I work for a newspaper." As his prize, Fuller wins a trip to Washington, DC, courtesy of PRI. Meanwhile, listeners to the CBC's Q are redesigning America. There's still time to enter their slogan contest (the deadline is July 3) – you'll be eligible to win a trip to Ottawa.   

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