Washington and its allies have condemned North Korea for launching a satellite rocket which broke up over the sea shortly after take-off. Accusing the communist state of threatening regional security, the US said North Korea had isolated itself still further from the outside world. In an unusual step, the North admitted the launch had failed but its planned celebrations in Pyongyang went ahead. After holding closed-door talks, the UN Security Council deplored the launch. A statement read by the current chair, US ambassador Susan Rice, said the launch was in breach of UNSC resolutions 1718 and 1874. She said consultations on an appropriate response would continue, "given the urgency of the matter". The US has now canceled a proposed food aid deal with North Korea. Anchor Marco Werman talks with The World's Asia correspondent Mary Kay Magistad about Pyongyang's intentions.
  • North Korea Missile Ranges

  • Ceremony to mark the rocket launch (North Korean TV)

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