Brazil's Poor Make Themselves Visible Through Graffiti

The global economic slowdown is also a threat to Brazil's economic growth.

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Brazilian businesses need a healthy global economy to sustain the boom they have been enjoying in recent years.

That boom has lifted millions of Brazilians into the middle class, but also deepened the resentment of millions of Brazilians who have yet to benefit from the country's economic growth.

In Brazil's business capital, Sao Paulo, some of the city's poorest are making themselves visible by risking their lives to tag the city's high-rise buildings with graffiti.

Anchor Lisa Mullins talks to New York Times Brazil bureau chief Simon Romero about the issue.

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    Octavio Frias Bridge in Brooklin, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Photo: RobertoZimme/Wikipedia)

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    From the documentary "Pixo". (Photo: João Wainer)