A 30-story building in China was constructed in 15 days. (Photo: youTub grab)


Manya Gupta

There is currently a construction boom in China and for the Geo Quiz, we are looking for a province in China where a developer recently managed to erect a multi-story hotel building in just 15 days. The building stands 30 stories tall and looks out over Dongting Lake. The province is in south central China and its name means "south of the lake." The construction of the hotel in the short span of time was highlighted by a time-lapse video that went viral across the globe. Hunan Province, China is the answer to the Geo Quiz. The newly-constructed building is said to be earthquake resistant and extremely energy efficient. The developer also says it was built at a third of the usual cost. Anchor Marco Werman talks to The Atlantic's James Fallows about the speedy transformation of China's urban landscapes.

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