For our next redesign project, Studio 360 is giving schoolteachers a makeover. Turns out a lot of teachers hate the treacly, old-fashioned visual imagery that gets dumped on them (ABCs, 123s, chalkboards, rulers, apples). One teacher told us she calls this iconography "apple crapple." Before we approached our professional design team, we wanted to do our homework (ha) and ask teachers from across the country what images they thought best represented them. Among the suggestions: "We teach ideas and how do we represent ideas? My best guess: a question mark.""A person with multiple hats. We are expected to be the caretaker, the parent, the doctor, the nurse, the lawyer, the school psychologist.""The apple crapple has never 'worked' for a man. Please take the feminine edge off whatever you come up with." (with reporting by KUOW's Phyllis Fletcher and Minnesota Public Radio's Carolina Astrain) We want to hear from more teachers: what's wrong with your image and how do you think it should be fixed? Tell us in a comment below.

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