Cuban Barbers to Gain More Freedoms


Cuban Barber (Photo: flickr.com/photos/carlo-arioli/)

We're taking a little off the top and trimming the sideburns for today's Geo Quiz. Barbers in the Caribbean city we're looking for will have a little more freedom come December 1st.

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They won't suddenly be coming out with new outlandish styles and coifs. No.

It's a much more basic freedom: they'll simply be able to run their own barber shops, and work outside of state control. It's part of a trend in this city: more and more of this city's residents are becoming self-employed.

The Communist government here is cash-strapped, and wants to slash a million jobs from its payrolls. We hope the answer to this Quiz is coming into focus now.

We're going to turn to Ted Henken for the answer. He's professor of Latin American Studies at Baruch College in New York. And he writes about Cuba on his blog El Yuma.

The answer to our Geo Quiz is Havana.