North Korea Food Crisis

North Korea was hit by severe floods this past summer. Those floods impacted agricultural areas. They wiped out crops and worsened an already serious lack of food in the country.

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Five US-based non-governmental relief organizations were allowed to send observers to North Korea this month. They monitored delivery of aid to the flood-affected areas but they also came away concerned about widespread malnutrition and starvation in North Korea.

The group is now calling for an urgent humanitarian intervention. Matt Ellingson was part of that relief mission. He is Directer of Program Development at Samaritan's Purse, an international Christian relief organization.

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    Statue of Kim Il-sung on Mansudae Hill (Photo: gadgetdan/Flickr)

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    Malnourished children line the floor of a pediatric ward in a flood-affected province in North Korea. (Photo: USNGOs)