Sting Operation to Protect Wildlife

In the Geo Quiz we're looking for a Southeast Asian city where you'd find Suvarnabhumi Airport which means "Golden Land" in Sanskrit. That name was chosen by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. And here's another clue that's a little easier to pronounce. This city's airport has the world's tallest air control tower. It's more than 430 ft in the air.

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On Friday, there were was some action a little lower down at the airport. Police busted a passenger on his way to the Persian Gulf: when they opened his luggage they found a bunch of animals. Where did this take place?

The answer is Bangkok, Thailand where the authorities busted an illegal animal trafficker at the airport. The man had several rare wild animals packed in his suitcases. Anchor Marco Werman speaks to Steven Galster, director of the anti-wildlife-trafficking group FREELAND and a witness to the arrest.