Earlier this week, one-of-a-kind comedian/musicianReggie Wattsrocked WNYC'sJerome L. Greene Performance Spacefor a special 'Studio 360' all about Theoretical Physics. That's right...Theoretical Physics. Here at 360, we likea little sciencesprinkled in with our arts and culture.

It turns out that Reggie Watts -- an improviser who seeds audiences with disinformation (some of it in musical form), confusing them into fits of sublime, disoriented laughter -- is also a well-versed physics enthusiast. Watch him raise the curtain on our show, and tune the crowd to his unique frequency:

Over the course of the evening, Reggie talked physics with Kurt and astrophysicist Janna Levin -- they even had a sort of informal science smack down (you can watch the full show here). Reggie closed the evening with another song -- a hip-hop ballad dedicated to perhaps the most ambitious topic, ever: the universe.

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