New York Times correspondent David Rohde talks with anchor Jeb Sharp about the latest Wikileaks cables. Rohde said the cables confirm what he and other reporters have suspected for years � that Pakistan is supporting the most radical Taliban factions. There has been angry reaction from Pakistan to the latest leaks of diplomatic cables by the Wikileaks website. Today's cable leaks highlight international concern about the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Islamabad has rejected those concerns, but the leaks also shed further light on the broader complexities of the relationship between Islamabad and Washington including intelligence that Pakistan's army us covertly sponsoring militant groups in Afghanistan. New York Times journalist David Rohde has ample first-hand experience in this region of the world. He was kidnapped and held deep inside Pakistan's tribal areas. He says the leaked communications offer insight into the militants of the Haqqani network, the group that abducted him.

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