The salaries of sports players have for many decades caused non-athletes' jaws to drop, but owners have always justified the expense as an investment. Way back in 1869, for example, members of the Cincinnati Red Stockings were paid $11,000: around $175,000 in today's dollars and many times more than the average income at the time. So how much would you invest in a fantasy sports league? Some insiders estimate fantasy sports attracts close to $800 million annually. With all that money floating around, it seems natural that people would want to protect their assets. Fantasy Sports Insurance is a new company dedicated to insuring the top players on your fantasy team in case of injury. Real money, real players, real injuries: still a fantasy. To find out more about the money and the fans behind this we talk to Paul Charchian, president of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and the host of Fantasy Football Weekly, a radio show on KFAN in the Twin Cities; and to Anthony Giaccone, president of Intermarket Insurance and the inventor of Fantasy Sports Insurance.

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