TR says Indian leaders today outlined a new set of security measures: such as creating an FBI style organization, training police better, but this means the next step is dependent on good implementation. (Indian security forces and intelligence are not highly regarded or well staffed. Will this reform happen?) The police who went to confront these gunmen in Mumbai had bamboo sticks and no cell phones, so that is an example. (this Indian official says he has evidence that links all of the attackers to Pakistan. India's Foreign Minister took an even harder line. How patient is India willing to be with Pakistan right now?) The Prime Minister went one step further even calling Pakistan the epicenter of terrorism. So there have been strong words coming from India. The U.S. is working behind the scenes of pacify the situation a bit. India would like to make some attacks in the Pakistani side of Kashmir but of course the U.S. doesn't want to see that because it would leave U.S. troops in Afghanistan vulnerable. (What is the fate of the one remaining Pakistani gunman?) This man is very important and authorities are worried that he'll be killed or attacked, so we'll see what more information can be gotten from him.

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