(What is the Creation story in Islam?) well the Creation story is similar to the Biblical story but it's not laid out in a chronological order and it's not laid out all in one place. Secondly, it has a six-day timeline but the method of the days is left ambiguous. (You say a serious debate over evolution is just around the corner for Muslims? Why and why now?) Until now there hasn't been a series debate on whether evolution is compatible with Islam or not. But with education levels rising and with access to the internet and exposure to the evolution-creation controversies in the U.S., the topic of evolution is coning to the forefront. (What are they saying in Pakistan where are you?) I make it a point not to link atheism with evolution and also to say that just because you believe in evolution does not mean you have to leave Islam. One prominent Muslim scholar links atheism with evolution and with the West, everything that is wrong with the West. He is influential and he has an enormous reach. His books are available everywhere and his documentaries are seen on television every day. (Where does he get his funding from?) nobody knows but it's clear he has a huge influence on the debate regarding evolution. That's the reason why scientists need to step in and provide an alternative analysis regarding evolution. (What consequences could this debate on evolution in the Muslim World have on the wider world?) We're talking about a fifth of the world population and Muslims are already behind on technology and evolution is the fundamental principle regarding biology. If Muslims reject evolution, it will hamper their ability to catch up on the divide in science and technology.

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