JOHN HOCKENBERRY: Good morning, everyone. America's democracy is up and running. [BEEP] NICOLA: This is Nicola. I'm a New Yorker, and after 27 years of being in the U.S., I'm a citizen as of four months ago, and I voted for the very first time today. And I was not prepared for the wellspring of emotion and just elation. I finally have a voice and I'm so proud to have been a part of the process, and I'm so excited to see what unfolds. JOHN HOCKENBERRY: It's going to be quite a day. It's Election Day. We are hosting America's Exit Poll at 877-8MYTAKE or And lo, these many, many months ago, at the very beginning of this campaign, I looked at a federal election commission contributions public disclosure list, saw a phone number, picked up the phone and made a call. [BEEP] PAT GALLAGHER: I'm a registered Republican. JOHN HOCKENBERRY: Really? PAT GALLAGHER: The moment that I saw him speak, I realized this guy was different. JOHN HOCKENBERRY: Pat Gallagher, a voter who had registered Republican and had actually voted for George W. Bush had given 500 dollars to a little-known candidate by the name of Barack Obama. Pat Gallagher, are you there? PAT GALLAGHER: I am here, John. How are you? [OVERTALK] JOHN HOCKENBERRY: From Lou ? from Louisville, Kentucky. PAT GALLAGHER: Yes, sir. JOHN HOCKENBERRY: What a long, strange trip it's been, Pat. PAT GALLAGHER: Man, it really has. I've lost friends, I've gained friends. It's finally over. [LAUGHS] JOHN HOCKENBERRY: Have you voted? Did you vote already? PAT GALLAGHER: I, I ? I'm - I'm actually voting right after this phone call. JOHN HOCKENBERRY: And what's it like at your polling place, do you know? PAT GALLAGHER: There ? there's a nice long line outside. My wife already went out this morning and, and she said that it's, it's a healthy line and the folks were saying they were expecting big crowds today. JOHN HOCKENBERRY: I don't want you to campaign for me, Pat, but what does this day mean to you? PAT GALLAGHER: You know what? Honestly, a big part of it is, I'm really glad it ? [SOUND CUT] I'm glad it's over. And then from there, it, it's something that ? it, it means that we are going through a major change now and, and I'm very excited by that for our country. JOHN HOCKENBERRY: All right, Pat. Do something about that stupid call waiting on your line though, will you? PAT GALLAGHER: Oh, I, I, I ? you know, what, if you want to wait a second, I could. JOHN HOCKENBERRY: No, no, no, don't worry about it. [PAT LAUGHS] Don't worry about it. Well, you're gonna see what that 500 dollars you gave to the Barack Obama campaign is going to get you as an American citizen. Thanks so much for being a part of this, all along this entire campaign. Pat Gallagher, once a Bush voter, now an Obama voter. [MUSIC UP AND UNDER]

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