Pakistan attacks U.S. forces in Afghanistan

(The Pentagon is asking for an explanation from Pakistan. Can you give us one?) Pakistan has been very clear that it only fires on choppers that intrude on its space and it warned them first. Sometimes in the past we have seen American planes intruding into Pakistani territory. (Was Pakistan shooting to kill or were these warning shots?) These were blank shots because the Americans are our allies and help us in the war against terror. (That seems to be part of the problem�that Washington has given Pakistan so much aid to fight the war on terror and yet today we're hearing things are more volatile than ever. So what's wrong with the U.S. pursuing enemies in safe havens even if those safe havens are in Pakistan?) It's a matter of timing. These incursions and their timing relate not to the seven years that Musharraf had, but this new administration has been in power for only six months and needs time to carry out this fight against terror. (When you talk about the time frame of when you're going to be able to clamp down sufficiently on these groups, what are you thinking?) You must give us two years to do something substantive. Our government is very strong because of its popularity. So I'm sure we'll have better results soon.

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