Iranian reporter on the US presidential race

In Los Angeles, we were at one neighborhood which feels a lot like Tehran because of the high percentage of Iranian-Americans. People I talked to there said they're leaning towards Obama because they want peace and they think Obama would be more likely to bring that. I found one Iranian lady who was supporting McCain and she said she was because of his superior experience. (Did you get a sense that people there feel like they have a stake in Iran, the country which they left?) I don't think they would have any impact on Iranian society in political terms. They're mainly used for entertainment. (Do Iranians in the U.S. feel like they get an accurate picture of what's going on in Iran?) I don't think so. They have no clear picture of Iran. They no people are under heavy pressure, but some of them are still waiting to go back to the country, even after 30 years of living here.

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