NT says the people in the region are riveted by the convention news, both those who support the Taliban and those who oppose it. (Your audiences understand the complexities of war against terrorism, but I wonder if there are other aspects of the convention that might be puzzling to your audience?) Yes, telling about Sarah Palin's personal life is puzzling, especially because a woman with five children can be anything but a housewife. People don't allow pregnancy without marriage also, so that's also puzzling. (So a Pakistani woman with an unmarried and pregnant daughter would matter to your audiences?) Yes, it would matter a lot. She will never get aboard the government. Just last week two women were killed because they dishonored their families by having sexual relationships and they were beaten to death. (What about issues of corruption in Paksitan?) In America, it's much harder to cover up your corruption. You can get away with it here.

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