Kenya's favorite son

MT says many Kenyans stayed up all night to listen to Obama's acceptance speech. (How did Kenyans react to the speech? Obama mentioned Kenya only once in passing, where Kenyans expecting to hear more about their country?) Kenyans haven't talked about that, they've already realized that Obama is their favorite son. The excitement is there, but nobody thought Obama should've mentioned Kenya more. (Obama tried to portray this classic American narrative that he's a part of. Do Kenyans see Obama as Kenyan or American?) The majority of people here believe the son of the child belongs to the father. If Kenya was richer than America, people who go to court to ask Obama to come back. they realize that he won't do it though, of course. But they consider him as their own. (Now being in western Kenya, this is the home of a number of Obama's relatives, so has the reaction been especially strong?) In the shops, people are getting excited, and people enjoy his oratory style a lot. They say Obama will be the president of one of the strongest countries in the world and that gets people excited. (Are people expecting more attention to Kenya or Africa if Obama is elected?) People know Obama is American, and they know Africa will get a better deal internationally if Obama is elected. They expect somehow that he should not forget his father's life here.

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