(How much talk is there in Europe about Obama's trip?) Incessant talk with very high expectations and his slow procession has been remarkable, he's in the news every day even though he hasn't set foot here yet. (What kind of coverage is McCain receiving?) He's being eclipsed by Obama, he's basically disappeared off the map. Having said that, McCain is well liked in established circles in Europe. (In the US it's widely believed that McCain's strongest suit is his foreign policy. How is that viewed in Europe?) He's seen as somebody with great experience. His strength, which is also Obama's, is that he's not George W. Bush. (How do the candidates' position on Iraq of Afghanistan factor into views of them in Britain?) The British PM was in Iraq over the weekend and announced that the numbers would come down in Iraq and allowing for the possibility that they would go up in Afghanistan. In Britain we have a case of a bad war and a good war, and Afghanistan is seen as a worthy cause�and these views are expressed through coverage of Obama's thoughts on Iraq. (How can foreign politicians keep good relations with both candidates?) McCain has been well received here in Britain, as well as in France and Germany. I think what has happened here in the UK is that the major politicians are being careful not to lean heavily towards one side or another.

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