Hezbollah victory songs are blasting on these streets and Hezbollah has declared this a day of victory for all Lebanese, a sentiment felt powerfully by Palestinians living in Lebanon. At this cafe people are gathering to watch the prisoner exchanges. This spokeswoman for the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine says it's a dream come true that Israel is releasing the remains of this militant. The PA asked Israel to give them the body so they could bury her in the West Bank, but Israel declined, so for now she'll be buried in Lebanon. This man looks through a list of about 500 Palestinian dead still in Israeli hands, and the journalist says this is a victory for Palestinians, as much as it is for Lebanese, because of the active role Palestinians have played in their liberation efforts. Hezbollah doesn't much care for the Palestinians in Lebanon, who are Sunni, but they do care about their cause, and this analyst says Hezbollah has more or less appropriated their cause for their own benefit, and thus Hamas has been strengthened along with Hezbollah.

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