The G8's hopes for a global climate treaty


G8 Working Session (Image: G8 Summit)

There were some well-meaning promises and political pragmatism at the G8 Summit. Two big stories out of the meeting in Japan: the world's richest countries signed a pact to cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2050. Calling climate change one of the great global challenges of our time, the nations officially set a target that will be difficult to reach.

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They also revealed that eight isn't enough -- the richest nations on their own can't have an impact on issues like global warming without participation by other emerging nations.

"The Takeaway" talks to Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the "New York Times," who is covering the Summit.

Stolberg says emerging countries haven't signed on yet to the 2050 target, and talks will continue on to Copenhagen next year, where the UN will negotiate an international binding treaty.

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