What Zimbabweans want from international community

The violence has created a result which is impossible to legitimize. (It does seem Mugabe does have supporters, and I was wondering if you could explain why.) They say that their vote will heal you. Mugabe has been saying to people I'm your man and I will look after you. These are frightened people who are scared of criticizing him. (What can the outside community do?) They need to tighten sanctions against Mugabe's supporters, travel restrictions and so forth. South Africa needs to take a position on Zimbabwe. The African Union needs to send a peacekeeping force or at least start a meaningful dialogue, and the UN Security Council needs to pass a resolution about peacekeepers as well. I assume there will be more violence after the election. The media needs to realize it's not just Mugabe, but the entire military institution as well. (Candor is not valued in Zimbabwe. Do you fear repercussions?) Yes, I have already been arrested and beaten.

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