(This is a culmination of a week of protests, can you describe the protests?) Lawyers from all over the country starting their own processions, moving towards parliament in Islamabad here. so this is cars, busses, people flying flags, there have been rallies and chants. So it's a partly kind of festival-like but also quite political. (What does it look like?) All the lawyers wear black suits and white shirts and they shower the deposed chief justice and others with flower petals, which is a custom. The chief justice is known in particular as being an obstacle to the government. (Why has the new government not made any action to reinstate the chief justice?) That's what makes this rally interesting. Last year these judges protested against Musharraf. Now the new government is made up of opponents to Musharraf but they haven't reinstated because they're worried about having a conflict with the President over this, the party believes it would destabilize the country. it also argues there might need to be a constitutional amendment. There's also concerns that the judges may bring up issues that were left hanging if they were reinstated. (The march coincides with a crisis in relations between the US and Pakistan. Are the lawyers talking about that?) some of the lawyers say anger of that is also fueling this march and protest.

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