A few months ago a 75 year old woman was found abandoned on a garbage dump and she blamed her grandsons on leaving her there. she died a week after she was found but her family denies abandoning her. The case shocked India. Her case may be an extreme example, but analysts say this is an example of elderly people struggling to survive in India. This elderly woman says her only son has turned her back on her. Indian parents have traditionally given their children all of their belongings: money, property, jewelry. Their hope is to be taken care of in their old age, but this analyst says fewer people in rural areas want to look after their parents. The Indian government recently passed a law which punishes children for abandoning their parents. The new law is designed to serve as a deterrent, but so far no one has been prosecuted under the law and many people are skeptical. The law also relies on elderly parents to come forward, but that is difficult for many.

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