Global Politics

Checking for Word on Nelson Mandela

Ntshepeng Motema is a South African living in New York. In this radio essay, she talks about how she's been spending a lot of time online checking for news on the health of South Africa's ailing former president, Nelson Mandela.

Arts, Culture & Media

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns

Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he is to step down at the end of February because of his frail health. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Rome correspondent Megan Williams about reaction to the surprise announcement.

Business, Economics and Jobs

A Greek Island of Longevity

For today's Geo Quiz we explore the secret to longevity on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea where residents live, on average, longer than in Europe or the US. The BBC's Andrew Bomford travelled to island of old age to find out the secret.