Violence against Zimbabwe's opposition

JM says he has no personal knowledge of threats to Tsvangirai's life, but Tsvangirai's supporters are in danger: there's been politically inspired violence perpetrated against the people of Zimbabwe. We need a large amount of election monitors in place in June and until the results are announced. (You found out what it was like to be intimidated and I'm wondering if you can tell us what happened?) We had visited with two hospitals and a torture camp where people are forced to sign an affidavit saying they are the perpetrators of violence. We were stopped by police on the way back to capitol with them saying we broke the law by traveling outside the capitol. The police tried to ensure us that we were not being detained which was ridiculous because we were delayed for over an hour. They also made a request for us to accompany them to a police headquarters and I said we would not go. (And then later you had to go to a dressing down by a police chair.) It was a one sided conversation, I was given a diplomatic note and explained what was in the note. when I tried to respond I was told to shut up. (Is that standard protocol?) That's not any standard protocol that I know of. The real issue is the unrelenting violence being carried out against the people of Zimbabwe. We will try everything to ensure the political space is afforded for a free and fair election in June.

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